Computer Repair

Recommended software:

Browsers – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
Virus Protection – MSE, AVG
Malware Defender – Malwarebytes, Spybot

Repair Services
Diagnostic Fee $25.00
Problem diagnostics, examination and reporting.
Mobile Repair $50.00
Labor on Phones and Tablets. Does not include Parts. 
General Repair $50.00
Per hour rate for labor not covered previously.
Computer Cleaning $50.00
Data transfer, migration, and / or backup.
Data Transfer $75.00
Data transfer, Migration or Back-Up.
Data Transfer (With Purchase) $25.00
Data transfer with purchase of hardware or service.
Purchased Hardware install $25.00
Installation of hardware purchased from us.
Hardware install $50.00
Installation of hardware not purchased from us.
Expedite service (In-house services only) $25.00
The computer will immediately be looked at and serviced.
Operating System Install $50.00
OS Installation, including drivers and all available updates.
Software Install $25.00
Installation of Software into the Operating System.  

Questions and Answers

How long will it take for virus/malware removal?
Generally it takes 2-4 business days. Expedited service usually takes 1-2 business days, not including time required for special ordered parts.

Can you recover data even if the computer will not start?
In most cases we can still recover data unless the hard drive is physically damaged.

Why would I need a Operating system re-install? (OS re-install)
We recommend a OS re-install if windows software is damaged beyond repair. Note – OS re-install will remove ALL current data on the computer. If you require any data off the computer it will need to be backed up. (Pictures, videos, important documents)

Do you guarantee work?
Yes, we guarantee our labor for 30 days.

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