On-Site and Offsite Business IT Solutions
  • Running Cat5e, Cat6 Cable
  • Custom Wireless
  • Network Diagnostics
  • Computer Maintenance or Repair
  • Backups
  • Security
  • Router
  • VPN/Remote Desktop
  • Systems Rack
  • Content Filtering
  • Email

Computer Networking


Small Office / Home Networking
Network 1-3 computers together on a network. We can do everything from custom WiFi installations, to connecting your workshop to the main house, or just extending the WiFi in your house.

Corporate Networking Solutions
Let us help you with your computer networking needs. Long gone are the days when companies relegate their IT departments to back rooms and only remember them when things break down. Now, companies and entire industries would be crippled when something catastrophic happens to the vast infrastructure of computers, cables, and servers that is the Internet. All aspects of operations now rely on their IT department staying up. Inventory, accounting, payroll, communications, sales, logistics, deliveries, and marketing all depend on the IT department.

Your IT Department
Let us be your IT department. Used in the right way, outsourcing IT services to us can be beneficial to all. Smaller companies looking to save by maintaining a one-man IT department may actually be hurting their performance. Our services are entirely customizable and scaled according to what your needs are. We stay on top of emerging technologies and keep our training up-to-date so that you stay on top of the curve. Certifications and training to stay current costs a lot of money. We provide economies of scale so that your business can afford to stay current.

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