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A reference resource for TISD customers
  • First, click your Start Button (This is the orb in the bottom left with the Windows Flag in it). then click Control Panel.
  • If you are in category view, click on Network and Internet. Then click on Network and Sharing Center.
  • In the middle of the Network and Sharing Center, you will see a link to Set Up a New Connection or Network, click it.
  • It will start a connection wizard, which will prompt you to choose a connection option. Select Set up a dial-up connection. Then click Next.
    • At this point, Windows checks to make sure you have a dial-up modem, and you will be notified if you do not. You can configure the connection on a computer without a modem, but you will not be able to connect until you have a modem installed. If Windows does detect a modem, it will prompt you for the information from your Internet Service Provider.
  • First, the wizard will ask you for the Phone Number. Enter one of our two dial-in access numbers: 570-4002 or 582-4800. Do not include the dashes or area code.
  • Next, enter your User Name and Password which you set up with us, make sure that the letters of both are in the correct case.
  • Check the box to Remember this password if desired.
  • Change the Connection Name to "TISD" for easier troubleshooting and identification. Case does not matter on the name.
  • To create the account for each user, if you have more than one user account on the computer, check the box to Allow other people to use this connection.
  • Click Connect, and Windows will try to connect to the Internet, and check the performance of the connection.


To connect to the Internet from this point on,

Windows Vista

  • Click your Start Button. Then click Connect to....
  • Click on TISD, and click Connect.


Windows 7

  • In the bottom-right corner of your screen, down by the clock you will see a network indicator icon. Click on it.
  • Click on TISD, and click Connect.