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Checking Spam Mail in Webmail

1. First, open your internet browser and navigate to our Webmail page at "mail.tisd.net".

2. Log in to MagicMail with your full email address and email password.  Be sure to select Webmail Lite or Tuxedo Mail.

3. Navigate and open mail folder labeled "Spam".

In Webmail Lite, the spam folder is located on the blue sidebar to the left hand side of the webmail screen.

In Tuxedo Mail, the "Spam" folder is listed underneath "Folders".

In the Spam folder you'll see emails that have been flagged by the spam filtering system.

You can move email messages from your Spam folder to your inbox.

In Webmail Lite: Place a check in the email message you want to move to your inbox.

Select a destination folder and click on the "Move To" button. The email should now show up in your inbox.

In Tuxedo Mail:  Click on the email message you want to move, and drag it to the folder of your choice.