TISD Online Knowledge Base

A reference resource for TISD customers

1. First type in mail.tisd.net into the address bar in your browser and hit enter.

2. Log in to MagicMail with your full email address and email password.  Be sure to select Webmail Lite or Tuxedo Mail.

3. Once you are logged in, click on Compose at the top of the page.

4.Enter the appropriate message information including the recipient's email address, subject, and message.

Click the button next to "Attach" which says Choose Files.

5.This will open a File Upload window. Use this window to find the file that you want to send.

Once you find the file, click the file and click on Open button. Please note that file folders are not files, and cannot be submitted via email, you must select the individual files themselves.

6.Click the Add button when back at the message page with the file you want to send selected.

7.The selected file should now show up in the list of attachments on the message.

Repeat the preceding steps for each attachment you want to send.

Once all attachments have been selected and uploaded, click the Send button at the bottom of the page to send the message and attachments.