Pricing For Classified Ads

Classified Ads can be from 10 words to 200 words. They can run for 5 days to 3 months at a time. They can be in one place on the Internet or many places. They can be simple or have automatic features. We can give you just about anything in these ranges, but before a price is quoted, we need to discuss the following questions and then agree on how much it would cost.

  • Is the Classified Ad already written?
  • Is it already in an electronic format?
  • How many words will be in the Classified Ad?
  • How many days/months will the Classified Ad be on the Internet?
  • How many places on the Internet will the Classified Ad be?
  • Will we need to build an HTML Page and post it?
    • Will it have pictures?
    • Do you already have the text laid out?
  • Will there be an Email return address?
  • Do we need to furnish that Email return address?
  • Will we need to incorporate Hypertext?
  • Will we need to incorporate an Auto-responder?
    • How much text will be in that file?
    • Is it already in an electronic format?

    When we have discussed all of these questions, we would be able to give a quote and proceed from there.

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