Pricing For A Web Site

When someone asks, "How much would a Web Site cost me for the World Wide Web or Internet??", it is like asking the question, "How much would transportation cost me??". A vehicle for transportation could be anything from a bicycle to a fine luxury car. There would be many questions we would have to answer before the true cost could be set. We have built a "questionnaire" as follows:

  1. Do you already have the hardware it takes?
    • Do you already have a computer?
    • Do you already have a printer?
    • Does your computer have a modem?
  2. Are you already on the Internet?
    • Would we be responsible for collecting orders and forwarding them to you?
    • Do you have an Email address?
    • Would you need another Email address or maybe one or more alias Email addresses?
  3. About the Web Page itself:
    • Do you already have an idea of how you want the page laid out?
    • Do you have the text in electronic format or just a hard copy of it?
    • How many different screens/pages will there be?
    • Do you want pictures?
      • If so, how many?
      • Are there pictures which need to be scanned into the computer?
      • Are the pictures already in a .gif or .jpg computer format?
      • Will any of the pictures be thumb-nailed?
    • What color or graphic do you want for your background?
    • Will we need to add sounds to the Web Site?
      • If so, how many?
      • Do you have the electronic files?
      • Will we need to record anything ie. Voice Bites?
    • How many hypertext links will we need to program?
    • Will we need to incorporate an Auto-responder?
    • Is there to be a limited time for the Web Page to be activated?
    • Will you need forms built?
  4. Will there be on-line purchasing?
    • Will we need to help you set up a Card Merchant Account?
    • Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or Other?
    • Do you need to lease the card machine?
    • Will we need to help you set up an Electronic Merchant Account? (Secured Purchasing?)
    • Will we need to help you set up an Auto-Check Approval Account?
  5. Will you want to have your Web Page set up as a Virtual Domain?
  6. Will there be a deadline to get this on the Internet?
  7. Do you want us to register your Web Page with different Search Engines or Electronic Malls?
    • Which Search Engines and how many?
    • Which Electronic Malls and how many?
When we have discussed all of these questions, we would be able to give a quote and proceed from there.

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