We believe that the process is the most important part of our business. Without a good process, we would just be wasting your time and money. There are several steps in this process including planning, scheduling, preliminary design, building, testing, and finally, launching of the Web Page.

        Probably the most important step in the process, upfront planning provides us with the basic ideas of what you want accomplished on the Web and will ultimately save our time and your money by eliminating any waste. Once we are able to formulate a plan, we can procede to the next step.

        Scheduling is important because it allows us to set a timeframe for the job at hand. Do you need this yesterday or do we have a few weeks? Another factor in this is ongoing changes. Will your site need weekly, monthly, or seasonal changes?

  Preliminary Design
        In this phase we will formulate a site map, basic design and layouts, discuss commercial needs, if any, and then choose the best Web Page layout for your needs.

        Now comes the dirty work... During this phase we pool our resources together to provide the necessary tools and software for your needs whether it be music, sounds, animated graphics, forms, search engines, autoresponders, electronic shopping carts, secure purchasing, the list goes on and on...

        We will thoroughly test your site to make sure it looks and feels good, that its easy to navigate through, and to make sure everything runs smoothly.

        And last, but not least, the placement of your Web Page on the World Wide Web! We can also get you set up on several of the search engines to make it easier for everybody to access your site.

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