Be Connected Everywhere Wireless Broadband Available in Your Area!
  • Residential Service  

    Are you looking for internet service for your home? Tired of Satellite and DSL providers letting you down? Tired of data caps keeping you from your favorite data? Our home Internet service is fast, reliable and above all, completely UNLIMITED. Stream, play and post to your hearts content!
    Starting at $39.99/mo
  • Business Service  

    Need to get your business going? Not getting what you want out of other Internet providers? Our business services put you first. TISD is locally owned and operated, so we know what it's like to run a business in the South Texas area. Let's get you working!
    Starting At $59.99/mo
  • Voice  

    Tired of paying outrageous prices for phone service? Want to switch, but you're worried about keeping your number? TISD's phone services work through the internet, allowing you to get clear, crisp audio quality and hundreds of features and services to make it more than just a phone!
    Starting At $18.00/mo
  • Repair  

    Our computer repair services are here to get you working again, and so TISD strives to offer the best value for your dollar when it comes to computer repair. We won't charge you for things you don't need, and if you don't understand something, we'll do everything we can to make sure when you leave that you do.
    Starting at $25+tax

Recent News

  • Protect An Open Internet

    Join us in embracing an open internet! No fast lanes, no hidden content. Just the way it should be.
  • Taking New Customers

    Things are returning to normal! We will be taking new customers again.
  • Port Lavaca Store

    Our Port Lavaca Store will reopen once repairs have been completed! Hopefully, this will be soon, but we are waiting in line for repairs like many of you. We will update our site and social media when we have more information! Have a great day!
  • Spring Cleaning Sale

    Our annual spring cleaning sale is starting today! Get 25% off a standard computer cleaning.

Available in Many Locations.